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Divine Right

dare to be different
1. Divine Right T-shirt - Unorthodox Clothing
2. Statement Necklace - Aldo
3. Black Skinny Jeans - Top Shop
4. Pointy Toe Oxfords - Zara
5. Sunglasses - RetroSuperFuture
6. Moto Jacket - DIY

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in a shoot for Unorthodox Clothing in the legendary Bushwick section of Brooklyn. When I say I got my life...listen! There are so many dope locations in Bushwick, you seriously can let your creativity run wild. I love Bushwick, it's industrial, raw and gritty...probably what the inside of my head looks like. Every inch is pretty much decorated in graffiti art and murals. 

I think this shoot really captured the aesthetic of Unorthodox - who are inspired by the subcultures on NYC and Cali. In this shoot, I wore their "Divine Right" t-shirt. The collar is decorated in religious symbols and the base of shirt adorns the word Diversus which is Latin for "different." If you're not familiar with Unorthodox (I highly encourage you to get your life), they live by the mantra "Dare to be Different." Unorthodox is for the non-believers, the people who refuse to conform, the ones who live by their own set of rules - the chosen ones!

Historically Divine Right is based on a medieval doctrine that Kings are chosen by God himself and therefore can only be judged by Him. The doctrine implies that any attempt to dispose the King or restrict his powers runs contrary to the will of God and may constitute a sacrilegious act. Whether king or pauper, we all have a divine right to happiness and all that we desire. To interfere with someone's purpose in life is to interfere with God's will. Assert your divine right to be great every day. Align your life with all that you desire. You can and will achieve happiness. Purpose, find it and live it. Absorb positivity and all things beautiful. Denounce negativity. Live life to the fullest and claim your throne!

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I'm only here for one night...


then I'll only be a memory 

If you know me, you know I’m a HUGE Weeknd fan, like I totally cry at his concerts and everything (yes it’s that serious!). Last night via Twitter Mr. Tesfaye announced to the universe that he will be hitting the road this fall for the King of the Fall tour also featuring Jhene Aiko & Schoolboy Q (my other two loves, I seriously can’t contain my excitement). The concert kicks off in Brooklyn, my hometown, on September 19th and is currently scheduled to make only three other stops in Toronto (9/21), Los Angeles (10/9), and finishing up in San Francisco (10/10). Tickets will be available for purchase July 11th so mark your calendars. In the meantime, check out my Spodify playlist dedicated to the GREATNESS that is The Weeknd below.