But back to the problem, I gotta habit
You cant stop it, silly rabbit
The prescription is a hypertone thats thorough when
I fiend for a microphone like heroine
Soon as the bass kicks, I need a fix
Gimme a stage and a mic and a mix!

My love for fashion can only be describe by Rakim's Microphone Fiend. I LIVE for fashion, its my guilty pleasure, my prescription, my physician, my addiction! 



We on award tour with Muhammad my man
Goin each and every place with a mic in their hand...

Eiphlurt: blazer-h&m; blouse-urban outfitters; shorts-forever 21; shoes-madden girl]

Me: shirt-metro park; shorts-urban outfitters; biker shorts-h&m; shoes-bakers; shades-modedopeness originals; giving life-PRICELESS!]

sigh...I'm still gaggin
You guys know I can officially die a happy woman now. I was backstage at the Rock the Bells concert yesterday in NYC. Not only was it a great networking experience but as you can see above I ran into a  plethora of celebs; they were just walking around like it was nothing. Some of the ones I saw that aren't pictured above was Method Man, Rakim, Wu-Tang, Snoop, Chris Rock, Busta, John Legend, Estelle, Michael Ealy, Tasha Smith, & Bokeem Woodbine. The highlight of my life would have to be seeing Bey & Jay. Beyonce was so sweet, she waved & said hi to us. They were all so down to earth, they definitely didn't possess the "higher than thou" mentality. Somehow someway we ended up on stage, at one point I was directly behind Jay-Z, peep the videos below...

Lauren performed, she brought out Alicia, Swizz, John Legend, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, & Jay-Z. She is an amazing performer, hopefully she's back to stay!

lol so I realized Hov was behind me so I had to get my paparazzi on and sneak & get a video. In the video, most of the times you will see him in the top right & left hand corners.

A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, & Swizz Beats performing some new song...peep Hov rockin' hard in the beginning...I <3 him!!!



Bout to go Mike Jackson on these n*ggaz, 
All I need is a f*ckin red jacket with some zippers...

From King of Pop to King of Fashion!
Michael Jackson was not only a musical icon but a fashion icon as well. He has a tremendous impact on our society & he will forever be missed. Happy Birthday MJ, your influence is ever lasting...