How many times can I go to Mr. Chow's
Tao's, Nobu, hold up let me move my bowels...

[Chantel:shirt-thrifted; pants-daffy's]

[Eiphlurt: blazer-h&m; jeans-forever 21; shirt-american apparel; shoes & purse-century 21]

Me: dress-burlington; blazer-h&m; belt-thrifted; boots-bakers; giving life-PRICELESS!]

It was my friend Chantel's birthday the other day so we went to dinner at Mr. Chow. The atmosphere was quaint & intimate, and the service was impeccable; I never experienced anything like it before, definitely makes you wanna abandon fast food & sports bars, and get your boujie on[lol]. The food on the other hand was....different, just expensive Chinese food in my opinion lol seriously, I rather have chicken wings & french fries with hot sauce and ketchup any day! We had something called "Mr. Chow Noodles" that tasted like Cat Chow lol, nevertheless I appreciated the experience & it's probably just my unrefined palate.

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