diva. HQ

I'm a diva, best believe her, you see her, she's gettin' paid,
she aint callin' him to greet her, don't need him, her bed's made

[leotard-american apparel; glasses & accessories-metro park; giving life-PRICELESS!]

These pictures were inspired by Sasha Fierce in the video for Diva. I been wanting to recreate this video for the longest, dance scene, costumes, everything. The video was shot in black and white, she wore a black leotard & futuristic shades, and she had a trunk full of full-size mannequins. I decided an ill substitution for the full-size mannequins would be to pose with mannequin heads[they also represent the two backup dancers she had in the video]. I didn't know exactly how it would pan out but i think they turned out dope. You can check out the video for Diva below.


  1. I die for that spiked bracelet. Please share where you got it from.

  2. I got it from metro park, their website is on the right under "single black female addicted to retail"...thanx for reading!