But its hard to ignore the pink notice on my door, thats been there since the forth,
tellin' me I gotta be out by the end of next week,
where the fuck imma sleep?

BIG shoutouts to my best friend E dot Dizzy. He reigns from Atlanta, Ga & this is his newest mixtape, Pink Notice. Pink Notice was inspired by the unfortunate event of him losing his job, which resulted in the lost of this apartment as well. Eviction notices are pink, hence Pink Notice.
This mixtape definitely represents the struggle, a place where we all have visited at one point. We all are either trying to make it or made it and trying to maintain it, and the trials and tribulations are constant obstacles we must overcome. I know what its like first hand to hear 20 "no's" before a single "yes," so I can without a doubt feel what he's going through. Shiiiiiit I'm trying to make it right now so I can identify with the cloudy vision and unclear future, not knowing what lies tomorrow. But the feeling I get every time I envision my future & the greatness involved, I realize that one day it will all be worth it & all this hard work is not done in vain. So yea the means definitely justify the end. 
This entire mixtape embodies that hope & that drive to be great. Its based on raw, uncooked emotion - audio dope. To be able to spill your heart out on wax and mean every word is so real, and I felt every part of it. Each track tells a story; Pink Notice, Promise Land, Elevators, Buggin Out, & My Life are all about the come-up and the adversity one may face. Then you got tracks like What We Do, I Love Em, & Frankenstein that showcase his lyrical abilities. One Wish & Fantastic had me vibe'n and boppin' my head like Busta in the Pepsi ad [lol]. All around the tape was ill and I enjoyed every part because he did his own thing. He stay true to himself and repped hard. Certified dopenss 4real. Big Up to the homie E dot Dizzy, keep doing ya thing!  

You can listen & download the mixtape here, and be sure to follow him on twitter @ThaFamousNobody

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