Say bye to Reebok, say hi to Chanel...

[shirt-my dad's; wife-beater-DIY Chanel logo; shorts-thrifted; belt-bakers; shoes-dk; shades-mode:dopeness original; giving life-PRICELESS!  

Its funny what you can find wayyyyy at the bottom of your last draw & in the back of your closet, behind last season's outerwear; surprisingly thats where I found this outfit. I have tons of clothes but like most chicks I NEVER can find anything to wear. I got tired of recycling the same ole threads so I decided to go on an adventure to explore the depths of my closet. With a little creativity and resourcefulness this outfit was born. Sometimes you have to use what you got to get what you want...when it comes to clothes that is. Case in point, I think its absurd to pay $300+ for a Chanel logo shirt so I decided to use what I already have[a hanes wife beater, a sharpie, & my imagination] to recreate one. I found the Chanel logo online, blew it up, & printed it out. Then I traced the logo onto the wife beater and colored it in....wallah...fly, right?[S/O to 2BD for the inspiration]

Another example of using what I already have to achieve my desired vision are the shades, which were created by me. I used a pair of old shades that probably would otherwise not see the light of day & the chain & tassel off of a purse. With a little creativity, imagination, & tons of super glue my vision came to life! 

Keep in mind you might not have anything to wear but thats because you haven't created it yet. Turn on your creative juices & let them flow freely!

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