The mirror can lie
doesn't show you what's inside
it can tell you your full of life
its amazing what you can hide 
just by putting on a smile

[hat,veil, blazer, & accessories-h&m, lace slip & shorts-urban outfitters; giving life-PRICELESS!]

On the surface a veil is just a garment that covers the head and the face. When you travel deeper, into its symbolic meaning, you grasp its purpose. There are many different variations of the meaning but in essence it symbolizes chastity and purity, i.e. wedding veils.  In the Islamic culture woman are required to where veils as an act of faith. Contrary to popular belief, I see this not as oppression but as a declaration of freedom from the shackles of male scrutiny and the lopsided standards of beauty. Take away the supposed physical beauty and one is left to reveal the beauty possessed within. Let your inner beauty shine because your outside beauty will fade with time. You can hide your physical flaws with makeup and clothes, but the last time I checked you couldn't use Mac to conceal personality and character flaws. In my own way I'm learning to be a more pleasant person; more kind and less brash. 

Life is short, so be quick to love and make haste to be kind!

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