I'll never be picture perfect Beyonce...

Solange covers the September/October issue of FashionIzBlack magazine. In this issue she talks about her style evolution: 

From 17 to maybe 20, I became a mom. I was in Idaho, was a stay at home mom and my style was very basic. I just didn’t have time for the looks. At the time, at the point where I was in my relationship, I sort of lost a sense of myself. I look back at those outfits and I’m like “Who is this?”. Maybe I was trying to become what my husband was attracted to or I tried to be what a mom should look like.
Then I got back to the music, out of the relationship and became drawn to this influence again. It was all about that 60′s pop culture, paired it with a very comfy hat or fun pattern. Over the past 2 years, it has definitely followed my music, which is a mix of great 80′s and 70′s sounds
 I absolutely love Solange & her vintage style. I only have one thing to say:

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