No one on the corner has swagger like us...

Model 1-Tajira{twitter.com/tiggaty}
Styled & photographed by me!!
[leather vest-macy's; corset-joyce leslie; shorts-homemade; boots-burlington coat factory]

Model 2{twitter.com/missmimi_
Styled & photographed by me!!
[jacket-forever 21; leggings & -south street; boots-urban outfitters]

I shot these two ladies separately, I had no idea that I would post them together. The idea just came to me while I was looking at the pics, thought it would be ill to post the pics side by side since they are similar yet different....the contrast is weird. Anywho, I'm really starting to get into this photography thing(even though I'm far from a professional, I wouldn't even disrespect the art by calling myself a "photographer, I'm just a person who knows how to photograph well....I guess). At this point I'm just trying to continuously grow as an artist, stay focused, & creative!

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  1. nicely styled shoot. tajira looks great! i'm proud to say: "i know her".