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Jeffrey Campbell, father of the ultra chic & eclectic footwear introduced his latest masterpiece: PINK ROCKS: A Pink Collection by Jeffery Campbell which features super girlie rose colored shoes. *GAG* I loveeeeeee these shoes. JC never ceases to amaze me. His creations represent everything I live for: leather...chains...platforms...wooden heels...studs...buckles...etc., in a perfect world I would own every shoe he ever created in a size 9.5...wishful thinking I know, until then I'm trying to decide which shoe from this collection I will be splurging on??? hmmmmmm
What do you guys think of Jeffery Campbell's newest collection?
You can get your pair HERE



Dec 11: Retro 13 - Black/Altitude Green

Dec 18: Retro 13 - White/Red

Dec 18: Nike 1/2 Cent - Cranberry

***Dec 23: Retro 11 - Cool Grey

Dec 11: AJ 1 Anodized - Altitude Green

Jan 22: Retro 3 - White/Cement

Jan 8: 6-17-23 - Black/Carmine

March 26: Retro 7 - White/Orion/Infrared 

April ?: Retro 7 - Black/Grey/Bordeaux 

June ?: Retro 3 - White/True Blue

June ?: Retro 7 - White/Cardinal 

All I need in this life of sin....

On this edition of Sneaker Fiendz we have the Jordan + Nike releases from now until June of 2011. I know my sneaker headz will appreciate this post..thank me later!! 'The Cool Grey 11s'are marked with a *** because they are highly anticipated, I hope you guys are prepared to be camped outside some stores the night before...it just might get that serious. I have retired over 30 pairs of Jordan's but I might just come out of retirement to cop these. They will be re-released Dec 23rd, just in time for Christmas, so get that wish list ready. They were first released in 2001 and already they're back, not even 10 years later...that says a lot. 




I'm a movie - camera block!

[blazer & jumper-h&m; pumps-steve madden; belt-bakers; giving life-PRICELESS!]

Ra-ra like a dungeon dragon...

Nicki Minaj & Kanye West's cds both came out today, support GOOD music!!!
Speaking for Ms. Minaj, I can relate to a lot of her different characters. I have a wild, crazy, kookie side thats comes out randomly. I just like having having a good time...smiling...dancing...laughing...joking, just being free and getting my life. Life is too short & the world is too beautiful to be uptight.... just my random thoughts.


Hey Dolls!!
Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner so I decided to compile some outfit ideas on what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner, enjoy!!

Play with fabrics as well as colors to achieve your Thanksgiving look. 
Stay away from black and really bright colors and keep it neutral: beiges, browns, tans, army greens, burnt oranges, deep purples, and burgundy.   
Suede is really big this season, so possibly pair suede bottoms with a sweater to give your look texture. 
Complete the look with booties(fringe booties are definitely a must have this season by the way).
Add some decretive stockings to your look to give it a little flare. Just have fun with it!

This second look is all about fur, whether real or faux play with it and make it work. Here I paired corduroy pants
with a turtleneck, a fur vest, and fur trimmed boots. Remember the color scheme and you cant go wrong.

Lastly, keep it simple yet chic with a sweater dress, and finally put to use those over-the knee boots that you've been dying to wear!

Thanksgiving is all about getting together with the people you love and having a wonderful time; giving thanks and appreciating the blessings bestowed upon you. Cherish these moments and try not to get too caught up in the hype that surrounds the holiday season. Black Friday sales will come and go but your family and friends will be there for a lifetime. Stay humbled. 



[Dress: $199, Belt worn as necklace: $19.95, Leather gloves: $49.95 Bracelet: $29.95, Brooch: $19.95, Necklace worn as belt: $29.95, Shoes: $99, Sunglasses: $19.95]

[Dress: $199, Vest: $99, Necklace: $49.95, Shoes: $99, Bracelet: $29.95, Sunglasses: $19.95]

[Dress (styled with fur collar from coat not pictured): $149, Necklace: $29.95, Earrings: $19.95, Bag: $49.95, Shoes: $99, Leather gloves: $49.95, Sunglasses: $19.95]
[Dress: $249, Shoes: $99, Bracelet: $29.95, Bag: $49.95, Sunglasses: $19.95]

[Dress: $199, Shoes: $99, Brooch: $19.95, Necklace: $49.95, Bracelet: $29.95, Sunglasses: $19.95]

[Dress: $199, Earrings: $19.95, Belt worn as bracelet: $19.95, Sunglasses: $19.95]

[Dress: $199, Shoes: $99, Gloves: $49.95, Necklace: $49.95, Sunglasses: $19.95]

[T-shirt: $49.95, Jacket: $49.95, Shoes: $99, Belt: $19.95, Necklace: $29.95, Sunglasses: $19.95, Necklace (worn as bracelet): $49.95]

[T-shirt: $39.95, Blazer (styled with pin from men's tuxedo jacket): $99, Skirt: $99
Shoes: $99, Pink necklace: $39.95, Sunglasses: $19.95]

[Dress: $249, Bag: $49.95, Shoes: $99, Earrings: $19.95, Sunglasses: $19.95]

[Skirt: $59.95, Coat: $199, Shoes: $99, Leather gloves: $49.95, Earrings: $19.95, Sunglasses: $19.95]

[Shirt: $59.95, Bowtie: $29.95, Tuxedo (only pants shown): $299 for pants and jacket, Shoes: $79.95, Sunglasses: $19.95]
[Coat: $249, Pants: $59.95, Scarf: $49.95, Shirt: $49.95, Cap: $19.95, Shoes: $79.95, Sunglasses: $19.95]

Lanvin for H&M Collection, Release date November 20, 2010

I've been putting off posting this for the longest because I was on the fence on whether I should cover it or not. I don't like posting what every other "fashion" blog/website covers; I like to offer different subject matters that aren't seen on commercial sites. I feel like its easy to save images that are seen all over the internet & copy and paste collection reviews...I see bigger things for this site. However, I realize that the vast majority of my closet comes from H&M so why not pay homage?[if you would call this "paying homage"]. I'm all about being fly on a budget. I can guarantee any one piece of clothing seen on this blog that I'm wearing doesn't cost more than $100. I represent the everyday chick that doesn't have thousands to splurge on clothes, but best believe I make it work....and serve the runway, of course!
You will never see me post anything that says: GET THIS LOOK FOR LESS...rather get YOUR OWN look for less, why? Because I want you to be inspired to get your own look, not something you seen Rihanna or Amber Rose wear. Imitation is the best form of flattery, but for who? For them, not you, flatter yourself and discover your own style. If you need assistance in doing so, I do image consulting so feel free to hit me up, thats what I'm here for.