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Hey Dolls!!!
On this edition of supercrazydope people I present to you Mila & Fire Vintage...enjoy!!

1) Your name(s)
Mila & Fire

2) Age
Both 22

3) Location
Washington, DC

4) How did Mila & Fire Vintage come about?
We began noticing how often we received inquiries (from friends & strangers) on our outfits, so we thought "Why not start buying vintage for others??" We began by just finding & selling pieces here and there until we decided to start selling our clothing on eBay. Soon after we opened up our store milafirevintage.bigcartel.com & that is where you can find our beloved gem of a store today

5) How would you describe you guys' style?
We don’t do labels, like rocker or boho. We describe our collective style as a mix of random eclectic-ness & contemporary with a whole lot of nakedness and sex!

6) What are your guys' similarities/ differences style wise?
Mila-I’m a label whore on the low (LOL)! You should hear my squeal when I find a Vintage piece with a luxury label. I’m building a vintage wardrobe full of timeless pieces I can pass down to my daughters, like my Vintage purple Miu Mius, or my Vintage D&G bustier, or even my Vintage Bill Blass scarf.

Fire- I don't do labels! They seem pointless and over-priced (unless its shoes lol). I am a lover of all things vintage, sheer, skinny, mini, black and printed. I would much rather be adorned in an AMAZING vibrant printed vintage jacket for $5 then a pricey piece for $500.

But we both like & dislike the same things. For example, we LOVE all things sheer, yet we both have an intense hatred for kitten heels. YUCK!

7) What's your mission?
To rid the world of copycat fashion! We loathe predictable, easy outfits.Where’s the spice? When we shop at chain stores, we wear the clothing in fresh, innovative ways. You’ll never catch up looking like every other girl walking down the street.

8) Your inspiration?
We are lucky to be surrounded by some amazingly unique individuals. Our closest friends and significant others are some of THE flyest people we know.

9) Give me 3 words that would describe your movement best
Individualism, style, sex

10) What decade do you find the most inspiration from?
Definitely the 70s. Seriously, what is better than high-waisted bell bottoms, mini dresses & platforms? That’s us now!

11) If you could be trapped in any movie/sitcom from the past which one would it be?
Mila: Matilda. The mom dressed soooo ridiculous, from her fur trimmed robe and slippers, to her crazy color-coordinated sets.

Fire: Different World and Cleopatra Jones. I love the vibrant colors and wide array of outfits the cast on Different World would wear. Anything that catches my eye and is BOLD wins my heart. Cleopatra Jones was just so damn sexy. She wore fauc fur, big hair, and red lips. Does it get any better?

12) Who are you guys' style icons?
Chloe Sevigny, Tracee Ellis Ross, & Helena Bonham Carter, Kelis, Zoe Kravitz, Cleopatra Jones

13) When did you guys realize that you can turn what you’re passionate about into a business? How did it happen?
One day this past summer, we were talking about all things fashion. We hit a pretty dry spell when it came to income, especially with this economy. We wanted to do something that we would be good at and we wanted to give other trend destroyers something they too would enjoy. Vintage shopping is something we are experts in because we do it ALL THE TIME. Plus our personal interests helped alot. Fire is a PR practioner so she is extremely business savvy & Mila is a stylist so fashion is her love.
14) Who would you say is your target audience?
The guys & gals who quite simple “don’t give a fuck”. They aren’t concerned with dressing to please others nor do they care about being stared at. We also target the economic trend destroyer. They love to be individuals and rock original pieces, but don't want to break their pockets to do so.

I adore Mila & Fire and live for everything they embody -- fashion without limits, style without societal constraints. Make sure you guys support Mila & Fire and visit their online store: www.milafirevintage.bigcartel.com  

Here are a few of my favs from their store:

Contact Info:
@MilaFireVintage on twitter


  1. Wholetime, Fire is my friend Whitney's good friend. I met her at a cookout in DC this past summer.
    Kudos Ladies!

  2. As soon as i read "wholetime" i knew it was you dimplessince88 lol