The CDC estimates that 1 in 30 African American Women 
will be infected with HIV in their lifetime.

This statistic was what inspired me to do this post, not to mention that today is World Aids Day. With this post I wanted to be artistic yet still portray a powerful message -- safe sex. The interpretation of these pictures are totally subjective but the bottom line is clear -- after a long night of partying, drinking, and and wild, crazy sex don't be stuck asking yourself 'did we use protection?' HIV is real and sometimes it takes alarming statistics like the one above to open people's eyes. The risky behavior, irrational and irresponsible decisions, and lack thereof have dire consequences that need to be confronted. I'm not gonna bombard you with statistics but I will say this: 1 in 5 people with HIV don't know they have it...get tested...protect yourself...know your status.
On a liter note...I'm really loving photography, once again I'm not gonna disrespect the art form by calling myself a photographer but the craft does intrigue me, and I'm very interested in further exploration. But I'm not interested in everyday portraits of people, fruits, landscapes, and other inadament objects, but images that are thought provoking and portray a hidden message. I'm always open to new things, I seriously want to be able to do it all lol the sky is the limit, and after that I shall conquer the universe!

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