Cop lights, flash lights
Spotlights, strobe lights
Street lights
Fast life, drug life
Thug life, rock life
Every night!

[tee & shorts-h&m, thigh highs-american apparel; booties-strawberry; book-decoded; giving life-PRICELESS!]

First things first -- heyyyy dolls!!!
So...I cut my bangs again blah I'm not really feeling them so I brushed them back already, I cant wait for them to grow back....hair is hair though so its no biggie. 
I entitled this post "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Reality" because I've been listening to Kanye's new cd non-stop since it was released almost 2 weeks ago, its amazing, truly a beautiful work of art. His album is entitled "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" but I decided to swap out fantasy with reality because this is real to me....this thing called fashion is very real, and alive. I'm done fantasizing about my future, its time to make sh*t happen.
I've also been having my head buried in Jay-Z's new book "Decoded," which is pictured above. Anybody that knows me knows that I'm the BIGGEST Jay fan on the planet, but after reading is book I have a greater appreciation for not just him but hip hop in general. Hip Hop has opened so many doors for Black people in this country, its unbelievable. Reading tales of his flight to the top opened my eyes; he went from hustling on the street to having dinner with Obama, Clinton, & Bono, and headlining the world renowned Glastonbury festival, makes me truly understand the statement "sky's the limit!' Its definitely a great book and a must read....very inspiring. 

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  1. Lovvvve the outfit! & the bangs are cute too. I can't wait to start reading that book when my finals are over.