And I'm all up, all up, all up in the bank with the funny face....

What do all these lovely ladies have in common?....Yup you guessed it, the infamous 'mascara face' that all us chicks make. I was on twitter a couple weeks ago and I ran across the screen name @mymascaraface, which peaked my interest. Apparently chicks were taking pictures of their mascara faces and sending them in, creating a collage of mascara faces. Their goal is to reach 1 MILLION photos...I fell in love instantly. This movement is so supercrazydope and creative, I had to contact the originator and ask her if I could feature her on my blog, she agreed. 
I'm proud to introduce My Mascara Face....

1) Name: Cayla Cousins

2) Age: 21

3) Location: NJ/NY

3) How did this movement come about? 
Our generation has gotten into the nasty habit of tearing other women apart, especially using social networking sites. I decided to use the tool in a positive way and unite us all with something that we all do or have done once in our lives, put on mascara....and make a crazy face while doing so!

4) Your mission: 
My mission is to create a fun platform for Mascara-wearers to connect and be creative. I want My Mascara Face to go worldwide (...and it's already on its way!).

5) Your inspiration: 
One of my inspirations has to be my Aunt Dee Marshall, a life coach who has started and runs several businesses that all support and empower women. 

6) Give me 3 words that would describe your movement best: 
Innovative Universal Networking

7) Contact info: 
Cayla Cousins 

I absolutely LOVEEEEE everything this movement stands for, girl power to the fullest. Lets leave the cattiness alone for a change & come together to support something positive. Thank you Cayla for sharing your vision with the world...I'm inspired! 
Make sure you guys support the movement & send your mascara faces to twitter.com/mymascaraface or mymascaraface@gmail.com. Check out all the other mascara faces at http://mymascaraface.tumblr.com 


[Sidebar]: I'm gonna start featuring supercrazydope ppl every week. 
If you're interested in being featured please email modedopeness@gmail.com for more info.
Stay dope!