Picasso was alive he woulda made her
thats right n*gga Mona Lisa cant fade her....

[sweater-thrifted; belt-trifted; socks-polo; boots-urban outfitters]

[blazer-thrifted; shirt-thrifted; belt-thrifted; shorts-thrifted; shoes-steve madden; giving life-PRICELESS]

I've been wanting to do a post of strictly thrifted items for a while to show that you can find fab stuff at a thrift shop. With a good eye and a little patience you can find great items for an extremely low price. As you may know blazers are my absolute favorite piece of clothing and thrift stores are the best place to find blazers in a multitude of colors and designs. I specifically love vintage blazers with deep padded shoulders and abstract prints. 
The key when shopping at a thrift store or thrifting as I like to call it, is to look for colors and patterns that stand out. Wild prints and bright colors are plentiful at thrift stores. In my experience thrifting most of the items are in large sizes so dont be afraid to turn a oversized sweater into a dress by placing a belt around your waist or torso as I did above. You can also turn long skirts into dresses by adding a belt as well. Above I'm wearing a pair of oversized shorts that I turned into high waisted shorts and added a belt. You just have to be creative and realize that you dont have to wear the items as is. Mix prints and patterns to achieve your look, and dont forget to let your personality shine! 

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