Even though, you dont know
Trust me girl you wanna be high for this....

 Hey Dolls!!!
I named this post "high for this" not because I'm some stoned drugie but I've been listening to The Weeknd's new mixtape House of Balloons for two days straight, it is absolutely AMAZING! Audio DOPE at its finest. For those who aren't familiar with The Weeknd, The Weeknd features 
Abel Tesfaye -- a Toronto native known for his hazy, electric-R&B vibe. The 9-track mixtape entices you with sensual lyricism over a blend of synths, ranging from electro hip-hop and alternative indie. Rolling Stones calls him "An Artist to Watch," and even better he's been co-signed by another Toronto native Drake.
The Weeknd's lyrical content is definitely overly sexual & narcotics focused...and I love it!! What makes this whole thing work in an album context is that all the thematic and sonic pieces fit together-- these weird, morning-after tales of lust, hurt, and over-indulgence ("Bring the drugs, baby, I can bring my pain," goes one refrain) are matched by this incredibly lush, downcast music. And even though the image of nightlife painted by The Weeknd isn't a place you'd ever want to live, it's one that's frankly very hard to stop listening to. Its addicting, the kind of artistry mode:dopeness thrives and lives on.
Download The Weeknd's - House of Balloons HERE



No matter who's buyin', I'm a celebration
Black & white diamonds, f**k segregation! 


Big girls need big diamonds!!

Today the entertainment world lost another legend - Elizabeth Taylor. Instead of dwelling on her death lets rejoice at the legacy she has left behind, filled with beauty, glamour, & philanthrope. A true style icon, Liz Taylor you will be missed <3