I absolutely LIVE for bright vibrant colors. I work in an office during the day where the dress code is business casual and I use to think dressing like that was the most boringness thing on the planet - I didn’t believe my creativity and uniqueness could thrive in that environment until I gave it a shot. When I think of business casual plain Jane comes to mind, which can be far from the truth. Although you have a set dress code you must adhere to, you can’t allow your environment to completely restrict you from being you.
Basically business casual is a happy medium between business business (suit, jackets, ties, etc.) & jeans and sneakers. Jeans and sneakers are a big NO NO and there is absolutely no way to dress it up, however you can most definitely dress business attire down, i.e. mix & match suits. When it comes to what to wear to work I keep is simple and cute: if it not jeans or sneakers I’m good [lol] of course there are other rules like make sure its not to short, too tight, or too revealing, but those aren’t really my style anyway so for the most part I’m good. I tone it down a little but not too much so my personality still shows. Accessories are an absolute MUST!!! They can turn any outfit from blah to BLAOWWWW!!
You just gotta be creative and let YOU shine. Don’t feel like you’re put into a box bc you aren’t. I’ve come to realize that there are tons of fab clothing fit for the office life, you just have to embrace it.^^ ^^

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