Materialistic, I'm narcissistic,
my shoe game is mean, its so sadistic!
Kourtney is by far the FLYEST sister, she gives me life everytime she steps on the scene. When I saw these pictures the first thing I noticed were her shoes - GAG! They are Christian Louboutins (thats a given, peep the red bottoms) SUPER DOMBASLE which are apart of his Spring/Summer 2011 collection, retail value - $500+
Now if you're like me and refuse to pay anywhere close to $500 for some shoes you will appreciate these similiar styled & less expensive shoes below. Enjoy!



These are all Aldo shoes & the price range is $60 - $124, definitely reasonable.
Get them HERE!



Yall rock Versace & yall went out and bought it
I rock Versace & you know I ain't pay for it!

Come fall you will be able to afford Versace and you wont need to give an arm or a leg to do so. Donatella Versace is the latest designer to collaborate with popular retailer (& my personal fav) H&M for a collection debuting later this year.
The collection is set to go on sale November 17, 2011 in about 300 H&M stores - I'm sure it will sell out in no time. Another collection - pre spring - will debut January 19, 2012.
The collection will include the fashion house's signature party dresses, filled with studded embroidery & bold prints. Versace will also feature designs for men as well as home decor pieces, including bedspreads & pillows.
Previous high-end designers who collaborated with H&M include Lanvin, Karl Lagerfield, Stella McCarthey, Jimmy Choo, & Comme de Garcons.

Yall know I absolutely love H&M but I'm not a fan of their collaborated lines. I'm not really a designer junkie....sure I love signature & classic designer pieces but I wouldn't spend my last on the latest designer trends - Herve dresses & Christian Louboutins. In general I don't follow trends so these treads wont be of any use to me, I rather give my spot in line to someone who appreciates these items more.
To be honest I think the value of the designs depreciate when you collab with lower-end retailers, i.e Target, JC Penny's, Marshalls, etc....not knocking any of these retailers or the people who shop there, I'm just saying. I wish some people would focus more on being an individual instead of being a "label whore" - trying to keep up with the Jones', follow trends, and spend your last just to say that you have a Versace dress is frivolous and shallow, but who am I to judge?
Anywho, I commend H&M once again for being able to expand their brand and offer their shoppers a once in a lifetime experience....

*DISCLAIMER* These are just my thoughts - right or wrong - just what I was feeling at the time.



Blame it on the model broad with the Hollywood smile, owwww...

Visual DOPE!
[that slap at the end was classic LOL]



Met her at Coachella, I went to see Jigga, she went to see Z Trip - perfect!

[hat-forever 21; shirt-5.7.9; skirt-thrifted; sandals-aldo; giving life-PRICELESS!]


So I never really been into maxi dresses/skirts but I decided to give it a try & put my long legs to use, and......I like it!!! There's a lot you can do with them as far as accessories go...they give you this boho/hippie look that is so cute (in my opinion)...as you guys can see, my "style" is all over the place, I do many different things, and not one style can really define me....I like to reinvent myself and try things I normally wouldn't do...having this new job with the dress code restrictions has actually been a blessing because it forces me to dress how I normally wouldn't....my creativity is being pushed & I love it - I live for these types of challenges. 

I have a challenge for you guys...this week try something you normally wouldn't do, whether its something different with your hair or the way you dress....see how you feel at the end of the week, even if you don't like it, at least you tried and now you know what works and doesn't work for you.