We threw a party, yeah, we threw a party.....

[shirt-thrifted; leggins-american apparel; shoes, shades, & watch-aldo; giving life-PRICELESS!]

Hope you guys are enjoying your Independence Day!


[from top to bottom]

Stacy from Queens rocking a vintage inspired outfit!

Angie from the Boogie Down Bronx werking H&M from head 2 toe!

Alicia from Long Island keeping it cute & classy in Alice + Olivia!

Stay tuned for more Street Chic SWAG!

street.fair 06.24.11

Hey luvs!!!!
I went to a street fair a couple weeks ago and it was amazing. So much food to choose from and jewelry - my two weaknesses :-)
I ran into this lady that was selling handmade jewelry, pottery, scarfs, and other textiles from Tibet, and I just couldn't contain my excitement...judging by the pics I'm sure your know what I mean. After spending $100 my coworkers had to practically drag me away from her stand lol yes it was that serious. She travels to different locations around NYC as apart of the summer's Mardi Gras festival. Follow this link for a complete list of their upcoming locations: http://nycstreetfairs.com/sched.html