Got my n*ggaz in Paris and they goin' gorilla, huh?

Mr. West's highly anticipated women's line DW debuted during Paris Fashion Week. Yeezy's Spring 2012 collection consisted of stand-alone separates, club wear, provocatively low v cuts, high hems, neutral colors accented with bright hues, & GAG worthy heels....all the ingredients to stir up controversy and get the people going! The critics are going to do what they do best - critic. No, it wasn't the most original collection I've seen but I liked it. The pieces are fresh & clean, and have just enough sauciness. The silhouettes are flattering and he actually presented pieces that everyday women would wear...just the right mix of urban wear & high fashion, I definitely would grab a piece or two if the price is right. Great job Mr. West.

[photo & video courtesy of fashionbombdaily.com]  

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