...I'm so creative & innovative,
And I stay motivated by the concept of being famous and I ain't even made it!

Hey dolls!!!

You know how I'm always talking about being creative & innovative, and how most things are never what they appear to be? Well this video shows just how true that is. I took an ordinary maxi skirt and showed you 13 DIFFERENT ways to wear it - how freaking awesome is that!!!
I got the idea for this video because I always wear maxi skirts as a belted dress so I decided to find even more ways to wear it. Its funny, a maxi skirt is similar to the circle scarf from American Apparel so I thought of all the ways to wear a circle scarf and translated it to a maxi skirt. With a little trial and error I came up with 13 ways total, I'm sure there are countless others. 
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Peace & Dopeness!



Go 'head switch the style up, & if they hate then let um hate 
and watch the money pile up!

Okay so print blocking - you've seen, you've probably done but never even realized it. Print Blocking is when you mix 2 or more prints that compliment each other to achieve one look. Here are a couple of quick tips to remember when print blocking:

  • Prints with similar fabrics or materials usually go well together.
    • i.e Silky flowing fabrics, fluffy, comfy fabrics, etc.

  • Mix bright or bold prints with black & white or neutral prints.
    • i.e Leopard print and black & white patterns

  • Mix neutral prints with other neutral prints. Mix black & white prints with other black & white prints.
    • i.e Black & white stripes and black & white polka-dots

  • When it comes to stripes, mix thin stripes with thick stripes. Mix horizontal stripes with vertical stripes.

  • Prints with similar themes usually mesh well together.
    • i.e tribal themes & retro themes 

Its all about trial & error when it comes to print blocking, there is really no science to it, just have fun with it. Email me pics of you illustrating your favorite print blocking look, the winner will receive something from the Dope Since 1986 store. Challenge yourself this week and try something new. **For the bold beauties out there, try mixing two or more different animal prints!



World can't hold me, too much ambition!

So I have some exciting news...I dont know if all you guys are aware of it but I reconstruct a lot of pieces (shirts, jackets, blazers, jeans, glasses, etc.) and now *drumroll please*...my pieces are now available at a clothing store in South Philly called RAW!!! I'm super excited for this new experience. This is just another great avenue to do what I love to do. I never thought that I would be reconstructing pieces and they would actually end up in a real store.....the sky is the limit you know! The lyric "world cant hold me, too much ambition" is like the quote of my life, it couldn't get anymore realer than that!

Dont forget to check out my online store, still plenty of great items available!

Peace & Dopeness!