...I'm so creative & innovative,
And I stay motivated by the concept of being famous and I ain't even made it!

Hey dolls!!!

You know how I'm always talking about being creative & innovative, and how most things are never what they appear to be? Well this video shows just how true that is. I took an ordinary maxi skirt and showed you 13 DIFFERENT ways to wear it - how freaking awesome is that!!!
I got the idea for this video because I always wear maxi skirts as a belted dress so I decided to find even more ways to wear it. Its funny, a maxi skirt is similar to the circle scarf from American Apparel so I thought of all the ways to wear a circle scarf and translated it to a maxi skirt. With a little trial and error I came up with 13 ways total, I'm sure there are countless others. 
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  1. Woah!!!! That's just pure genius!:))))) The wrap dresses are beyond amazing!

  2. Hey where do you buy your maxi skirt from.

  3. I'm running out to thrift a maxi skirt so I can tris all out thanks you inspire me