And I want you more than a new pair of shoes...

Welcome to Thrifting 101!!
This is a quick guide to make your thrifting experience beneficial. Follow these tips and I guarantee you'll be a thrift master in no time!

  1. Choose a thrift store of your choice (I prefer the Goodwill)
  2. Wear comfortable clothing & under garments 
  3. GO ALONE! (you don't want to be fighting with your friends over something you saw first)
  4. Bring hand sanitizer 
  5. Plan to be there for hours - bring a snack :-)
  6. Be patient & thorough - browse section by section, isle by isle, & garment by garment
  7. Keep an open mind & open eye
  8. Try EVERYTHING on! Remember items are NEVER what they appear to be. You must fit each garment to your particular style & body type. If you like the fabric or print, buy it, don't second guess yourself.
  10. Visit the accessory section - thrift stores have awesome belts, glasses, pocketbooks, & luggage. (I stay away from shoes & hats, sanitary issues)

I hope you found this guide helpful!
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Peace & Dopeness!


My highly sought after vintage distressed high-waisted jean shorts are now available again in my online store. They're available in small, medium, & large so get yours while they last >>>> Dope Since 1986

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Hey dolls!
This is just a quick video reviewing some of my recent beauty buys. Hope you enjoy!
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Fairest Nude Lipstick by L'Oreal

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Voluminous Million Lashes by L'Oreal



I rather die enormous than live dormant, thats how we on it!


*clutches pearls*

The wait is officially over - H&M has an online store - omgeee!!!
I don't know when this happened but THANK YOU FASHION GODS!!! My hopes, dreams, & prayers have been answered!! Man I'm so excited, I thought this day would never come lol. H&M by far is my favorite place to shop. It's super affordable & fashion forward love love love H&M.....GAG!

Currently the buying option is disabled in the U.S WTF??



Hey Dolls!!
This is my newest video on how to make distressed jean shorts, the absolute simplest way out there. No tricks, no stunts, no magic, all you'll need is just a pair of jeans & some scissors. I hope this video was helpful, if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Here's the finish product. They turned out great. These are now available in my store dope.since.1986 for $15

Peace & dopeness!



This is the last and final look. 
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muthaf*ckas wanna fine me!

Hey Dolls!!
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I'm still dreaming bigger than I'm living
and just sleeping long enough to dream,
spent long enough in the sheets,
it's time to turn it to the real thing
and turn these ideas to milli's...

Yup thats me and my mommy back in '86. This photo is actually inspiration for my next "venture." I've launched another online store - Dope Since 1986. This store is basically all about what makes me ME....what inspires me...where I came from....who I am! The contents in the store are all pieces hand picked by me and things I would wear....mostly items I have collected over the years. The catalogue is separated into 3 categories: New, used, & reconstructed pieces.

  • New - consists of clothes I've bought in the past but never wore.
  • Used - consists of items from my closet that I have worn or items purchased from a thrift/consignment shop.
  • Reconstructed - items originally from my closet or a thrift store and reconstructed with new materials and/or embellishments. 

As far as price, nothing with be more than $20-$30...I'm not doing this to make money, simply using it as an avenue to express my craft.  Someone once told me if you're not making money doing something, its a hobby. I'm trying to make my passion more than just a hobby but a lifestyle. 

Please visit dope.since.1986 and show your support. I promise you, if you like my style you'll love this store. I'm also starting a YouTube channel, stay tuned!



Got my n*ggaz in Paris and they goin' gorilla, huh?

Mr. West's highly anticipated women's line DW debuted during Paris Fashion Week. Yeezy's Spring 2012 collection consisted of stand-alone separates, club wear, provocatively low v cuts, high hems, neutral colors accented with bright hues, & GAG worthy heels....all the ingredients to stir up controversy and get the people going! The critics are going to do what they do best - critic. No, it wasn't the most original collection I've seen but I liked it. The pieces are fresh & clean, and have just enough sauciness. The silhouettes are flattering and he actually presented pieces that everyday women would wear...just the right mix of urban wear & high fashion, I definitely would grab a piece or two if the price is right. Great job Mr. West.

[photo & video courtesy of fashionbombdaily.com]