*blows dust off album cover*

Exactly a year ago to date I started my YouTube channel and I never really thought I'd be11,000+ subscribers strong only a year in...sheesh that's a lot of damn people. I'm not sure if I shared this with you guys but  I started my YouTube channel (and online store) after I broke my ankle and was sentenced to my bed for 2+ months of bed rest. It was truly the most depressing experience ever. I went from doing it all to nothing at all; I realized there's only so much Gossip Girl you can watch before you realize how annoying Blair's voice is. Anywho, during this time I became an avid YouTube lurker, mainly hair and makeup....I was instantly inspired. If these chicks can make videos and lots of people watch them, why cant I? I turned something negative into a potentially great idea. This would be my avenue for expressing my passion while I was unable to leave the confines of my room. I started to draw inspiration from new areas like Tumblr & YouTube....seriously what have I been missing. If you dont take anything else from my story please take this: never give in. If you are truly passionate about something nothing on God's green (sometimes brown) earth can stop you or hold you back. Take me for example, I refused to let my current circumstances get the best of me and used it as motivation when most would just give up and succumb to their predicament. Breaking my ankle didn't define me so why should I allow that to keep me from doing what I loved. Sure I had to dig deep and think outside of the box but it sure did pay off. So yea a few clicks later and viola, I had a YouTube channel.

Not to get to deep and sound like I'm a guest on Dr. Phil but this experience was life changing....it seriously opened my eyes and put my life into perspective. Thank you Jenny Butler from tackling me and consequently causing me to break my ankle :)

Consequently its been 6 months since I actually posted on here...it's hard to keep track and update all these different social platforms; definitely is a full time job. I received an email today about joining a network on YouTube and this is what motivated me to finally after months update my blog. If I truly want to have a influence on this world I need to focus on many different avenues. Relevance is key. I want people to constantly see my name and face and wonder who the hell I am.  Rihanna is a great example of this...her work ethic is impeccable, hands down the most hard working female in the game. This chick is constantly on tour, you can't lurk a blog without seeing a picture of her, and her songs are always playing on every radio station. Everybody should want to model their work ethic around hers, I know I am.

I refuse to be out worked.

Peace & Dopeness <3

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