Living for the present & the future don't exist

Hurricane Sandy came through like a woman scorned and completely devastated the city of New York. I welcome you to the useful ramblings of my head during the 48 hour period that I was without power. Enjoy!
11:55am Wednesday October 31, 2012 - The power has now been out for about 36 hours. I'm sitting here with only the light from my iPad illuminating the room; in fact I'm actually typing this on my iPad. No Tv...no Netflix...no Internet....cell phone - dead. ABSOLUTELY NO POWER. All I have at this point is my iPad, 85% battery left, my iPod, 70% battery left, & my brain...although i haven't eaten yet, I'm at least at 90%. It's funny how clutch Apple products are. I've listened to "White Dress" by Kanye at least a dozen times just thinking........

[puts iPod on shuffle...lets mix it up a bit]

12:15 pm - My life is constantly evolving, changing, & being put into perspective. Not because I may specifically want it to but most likely because it's God's will....I've accepted it & because of this I've adopted this "live for the moment" ideal. I'm not sure where my life will be 5 years from now or even 5 days from now BUT I do know where my life is right now and I'm gonna make it the best damn moment of my life.

I'm kinda like a bird...a free spirit. I try to not be so consumed with stress & problems....I just go with the flow and hope for the best. It's gotten me through 26 years of life so ehh I guess it works.

(At this point I'm just being random....welcome to the ramblings in my head....I'm so damn bored I don't know what to do...just me and my thoughts. I usually like being alone, I welcome it with open arms but this right hurrrr sucks! )

12:32 pm - I don't have time for dull or unhappy moments. If you're not helping me progress you're holding me back and sorry but you gotta go. I have no time for dead weight. I have somewhat of a selfish way of thinking but at the end of the day all you really have is yourself so why not make sure YOURself is taken care of first? Not even when it comes to material things, they stay in the moment, you can't take them when you leave this earth, but I'm talking about mentally & emotionally. Nobody should be holding you back from achieving absolute happiness. Remember happiness is a state of mind. You can be in the most effed up predicament possible but have that peace of mind....things can always be worst and somebody out there will always have it worse than you so stop feeling sorry for yourself, get up & make moves!

iPad - 82%; iPod 50%...gotta make this quick

[typing that gave me some motivation & inspiration to write out a to do list...and then to do a quick blog for The Red Tag Society, be back in a few]

12:56 pm - "tired of living day to day like every thing's alright, every night just one thing on my mind, just waiting on that moment, just waiting on MY moment...."

And it's almost here...so close I can taste it. These dreams need to start really materializing. I'm tired of being patience saying "I'm up next, my time will come." Nah, my time is now.

I refuse to be out worked.

I tell myself this every morning when I wake up, right before I go to sleep, & and anytime I feel "lazy." There's always somebody out there working harder than you, trying to take YOUR spot...remember that. Every time I think of that I can help but think about that "sleep is forbidden" quote from Diddy - "Sleep is forbidden. Seconds can not be wasted. Once time is lost, you lose & losing is for losers"....or something like that. It's basically saying there's no time to be wasted, whether you're literally sleeping or consuming your time with things that aren't directly putting you in the direction of achieving your goals - wasted time.

1:09 pm - Stay hungry. Stay humble. If you don't remember anything else, remember that. Nobody likes a cocky person who thinks hard work doesn't pay off. We don't want your handouts over here.

2:05pm - I feel like I'm always preaching to you guys but I'm not, I just want y'all to be great.

Completely forgot it's Halloween until some kids knock on the door screaming "trick or treat." Trick or treat, really? We don't even have power but we're out tricking & treating....you see how our priorities are all screwed up.  I guess the show must go on, huh?

4:31 pm -Still no power. You gotta think though, this is what peace & serenity is all about. No vibrating cell phone every 2 minutes. Yea peace

This was a much needed escape from the outside world, though a part of me is crying for the Internet. We live in the age of technology &'its times like these that make you realize how much you take for granted. This is definitely God's way of stirring the pot & telling us to WAKE UP! This can all be gone within a blink of an eye so lets not waste time. God is a funny dude.

4:51pm - thinking about the last few months & how my life has changed....yea God is a funny dude but he's the homie. Many doors & chapters have closed but just as many have opened. Blessed. Thank you God.

It's crazy how we're always asking God for something or praying he gets us out of a situation but how often do we just thank him just bc? Rarely ever. He holds us down but it's rarely reciprocated smh 

Me at The Weeknd concert this past weekend

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