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Hi Kia,
 My name's Shanae im from Brooklyn and my 21st birthday is coming up very soon (JANUARY 4TH 2013 TO BE EXACT). Anywho im completely buggin out because i have yet to find an outfit, im low on funds, and im confused about what i should wear. BTW for my birthday im going to dinner with my boyfriend, and then im going to the club with my family. (Its Aspen social club btw if you wanna come im inviting you lol ). anyways, what do you think i should wear? should i wear a dress even tho its January? should i wear two diff outfits to dinner and then to the club? omg help lol

Hey Shanae, thanks so much for your email. HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!! You only turn 21 once so go all out. Personally I think you should wear a dress, a nice long sleeve dress would do if you're concerned about the cold weather. If you're coming home after the dinner with your boyfriend and then going back out I would suggest two separate outfits. On the other hand one outfit for the night should suffice, this way you're not trying to find two separate outfits or somewhere to change. Forever 21, Asos.com, and Missselfridge.com all have really nice affordable dresses. I've also attached an image board I created for some inspiration. I hope this helps and happy birthday <3

Peace & dopeness,


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