The Art of Menswear!

There's something about menswear tailoring that crafts a strong silhouette, and on a woman, it's more powerful - it sends a message & makes a statement. The "borrowed from the boys" style isn't new - we seen it, loved it, hated it, & wished it would die in the late 80's early 90's with the emergence of funky teen sitcoms, but today's menswear offers something a bit more elegant and defined. Women can still be sexy, feminine, and show of their curves all the while bringing a masculine flair of structure & precision.

Menswear on women is all about creating the right silhouette. A baggy blazer paired with loose trousers can turn a menswear look south in a heartbeat. Fit is numero uno!!! - probably the most important aspect of grasping the concept of menswear. Nothing loose or baggy...a defined waist & perfectly hemmed pants.

The button-down (or button-up) is an ideal piece. It can be mixed and matched with any texture, print, or fabric. There are infinite combinations, build your menswear look around it. I like it best with the sleeves pushed up above my elbows. Button-downs/ups can be masculine, androgynous, & feminine all at the same time + + +.

Overall menswear can actually be quite liberating. Channel your masculine energy and create looks that are suited for the office and for play!

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Cinderella'd you girls, from nothing to something...

First things first HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2012 is going to be a wonderful year, I can feel it!
Anywho, check out this video on how to alter your clothes without a needle and thread. As noted in the video, often times when you go to a thrift store you will rarely find something that is your exact size, so its important to know how to alter your clothes to fit your size & your style. A belt is the simplest item you can use to transform a blah piece into BLAOWWWWW! 
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Making the world more doper, one post at a time!

Peace & Dopeness!