I do this for the culture...

Show them how to move in a room full of vultures

 Scarf - random vendor in NYC || Earrings - DIY || Necklace - Aldo || Sweater - Strawberry || Sweatpants - H&M || Getting your life - PRICELESS!

I'm getting back into blogging, I promise <3

So I posted this picture on instagram a few days ago with the caption "I do this for the culture"...most people probably dont know that is a lyric from a Jay-Z song and I'm like the biggest stan on the planet but that's neither here nor there, I do DO this for the culture. Everything I do is done with good intentions and with progression in mind. I do this for my culture...my black culture, my American culture, my African culture, my Native American culture. I do this for the fashion culture, and all the little subcultures (shoutout to the hipsters). I want to represent for people who look like me...act like me...dress like me. If you're reading this blog, I do this for you! I do this for all my YouTube subscribers who not only look up to me but look to me for advice and inspiration, I love you guys and I promise to do THIS to the best of my ability.

Until next time,
Peace & dopeness <3


Jada writes:

Hi Kia, can you please give me at least two outfits to go with these shoes? I cant wear crop tops to school or holes in jeans above the knee, everything else is cool:) thanks!

Hey Jada thanks for contacting me, I would love to help you out. I think jean on jean is hot, and it serves as a nice neutral pallet that would make your sneakers really POP and stand out. On the other hand you can play with the colors in the sneakers by mixing and matching different color blazers. Leather skinny pants are dope and can dress up any outfit. Lastly, I gave you the option of just throwing on a leopard top to play off the whole safari theme in the sneakers. If you don't own a leopard top you can always wear a top wit some type of ethnic print. I hope this helps and good luck!

Peace & dopeness <3

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