I do this for the culture...

Show them how to move in a room full of vultures

 Scarf - random vendor in NYC || Earrings - DIY || Necklace - Aldo || Sweater - Strawberry || Sweatpants - H&M || Getting your life - PRICELESS!

I'm getting back into blogging, I promise <3

So I posted this picture on instagram a few days ago with the caption "I do this for the culture"...most people probably dont know that is a lyric from a Jay-Z song and I'm like the biggest stan on the planet but that's neither here nor there, I do DO this for the culture. Everything I do is done with good intentions and with progression in mind. I do this for my culture...my black culture, my American culture, my African culture, my Native American culture. I do this for the fashion culture, and all the little subcultures (shoutout to the hipsters). I want to represent for people who look like me...act like me...dress like me. If you're reading this blog, I do this for you! I do this for all my YouTube subscribers who not only look up to me but look to me for advice and inspiration, I love you guys and I promise to do THIS to the best of my ability.

Until next time,
Peace & dopeness <3


  1. I feel you sistah… do ya thing. #Takeover

  2. Tagged you on blog awards (:

    Really nice blog (:

  3. Just came across your blog and you are awesome. I love your drive!

    Kate from Clear the Way