The Fix Radio

I know what you like, I am your prescription, I'm your physician, I'm your addiction...[Yasssssss!!!]

So I decided to take my talents to the next level and expand beyond the computer screen and the video camera. The idea for a radio show has always lingered in the back of my mind but I never decided to act upon it until now. The Fix Radio will be your FIX - whatever that maybe. From fashion and beauty to relationship and career advice. The title actually has an ambiguous meaning. On one hand we're gonna literally fix some of your issues. Need help with your wardrobe? We got you! On the other hand we will give you what you crave or your fix (what we generally like to call) Your fashion fix, your celeb tea & gossip fix, whatever you yearn for, we got you. The show is 100% interactive and we'll be taking callers throughout most of the show. With that being said, if your seek advice in any area please email us at iwantmyfix@gmail.com and we might select your question to be answered on air. Until then check out out blog, iwantmyfix.wordpress.com, we will be updating the site shortly!

- Notoriously Yours

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