I'm only here for one night...


then I'll only be a memory 

If you know me, you know I’m a HUGE Weeknd fan, like I totally cry at his concerts and everything (yes it’s that serious!). Last night via Twitter Mr. Tesfaye announced to the universe that he will be hitting the road this fall for the King of the Fall tour also featuring Jhene Aiko & Schoolboy Q (my other two loves, I seriously can’t contain my excitement). The concert kicks off in Brooklyn, my hometown, on September 19th and is currently scheduled to make only three other stops in Toronto (9/21), Los Angeles (10/9), and finishing up in San Francisco (10/10). Tickets will be available for purchase July 11th so mark your calendars. In the meantime, check out my Spodify playlist dedicated to the GREATNESS that is The Weeknd below.


The Notorious K.I.A. x Rolling Stone

1. Cropped Tank - American Apparel
2. Floral Shorts - H&M
3. Black/White Converse
Had the opportunity to be shot and featured by Rolling Stone during Governor's Ball in NYC...how freakin' awesome is that!


$20 & a Dream

So I'm back with yet another thrift haul & lookbook. This time I stopped by The Goodwill in Stratford, New Jersey to get my fix. If you're ever in the South Jersey area make sure you guys check out this Goodwill, it's everything in life! I also gave myself a really strict budget of $20 because every single time I thrift I purchase a whole bunch of stuff that I never wear which eventually end up getting re-donated smh. It was difficult trying to narrow things down but in essence of saving time and money I made it work.

What's interesting about this lookbook is I managed to naturally pick up items that fit well together so it was a breeze to style these pieces. This lookbook is all about colors and prints. Check out my outfit breakdown after the break.