$20 & a Dream

So I'm back with yet another thrift haul & lookbook. This time I stopped by The Goodwill in Stratford, New Jersey to get my fix. If you're ever in the South Jersey area make sure you guys check out this Goodwill, it's everything in life! I also gave myself a really strict budget of $20 because every single time I thrift I purchase a whole bunch of stuff that I never wear which eventually end up getting re-donated smh. It was difficult trying to narrow things down but in essence of saving time and money I made it work.

What's interesting about this lookbook is I managed to naturally pick up items that fit well together so it was a breeze to style these pieces. This lookbook is all about colors and prints. Check out my outfit breakdown after the break.

Look 1

Floral Blouse - $3.99 $1.99
Floral prints are tricky for me. It has to be just the right print, and this was perfect! It has this tropical, Hawaiian feel and I knew it would go great with my summer stable piece - jean shorts. This blouse is a size 12. I don't mind oversized blouses because they are versatile. You could tuck them in, tie them in a front knot, or wear them unbuttoned as a layering piece...endless possibilities.

Styling this piece was easy peasy, I knew I wanted to do my signature print blocking look, and this wrap skirt from Forever 21 worked perfectly. I typically remove the shoulder pads from all my blouses because I just hate that structured linebacker look but I let these rock out. I don't know, they gave an interesting silhouette.  

1. Wrap Skirt - Forever 21
2. Sandals - Joe's via DNA Footwear

Look 2

Flannel Shirt - $3.99 $1.99
I couldn't leave without showing the men's section some love. I picked up this flannel shirt in a size medium. There's no denying my love for flannel shirts, I created an entire lookbook dedicated to them. Flannel shirts are versatile, they can add some edge to any look. This one is neutral so it can petty much go with anything. 

Stone Washed "Mom Jeans" - $5.99 $2.99
sigh...mom jeans are like the 80's best creation. These mom jeans are actually too big for me so I decided to get them and wear them as boyfriend jeans. Later on I will distress them a bit or a lot, depending on how I'm feeling that day.

Ya'll know who, keepin' it gangsta...

For this outfit I wanted to keep it really chill and edgy. I knew I wanted to wear the mom jeans as bf jeans so the outfit was pretty much centered on that piece. Next came the cropped hoodie from Unorthodox Clothing. Top and bottom - check. It was still missing something so I threw the flannel on and tied it around my waist. The outfit was really neutral at this point and lacked color so I went for my neon wedges that I haven't worn in a while, added some gold jewelry & viola magic!

1. Cropped Hoodie - Unorthodox Clothing
2. Neon Wedges - Sole Struck

Look 3

Black Levi "Mom Jeans" - $5.99
This has be my third or fourth pair of Levi's mom jeans. To say that I love them would be an understatement, no seriously, I'm obsessed. This is usually how it works. I buy them, wear them a few times then when I'm tired of them I reconstruct them into some high waisted shorts...the perfect cycle :)

Flower child, beautiful child, you in your zone...

This is an everyday outfit for me which is pretty much the typical way I style my mom jeans - jeans, tank, layering piece, my favorite hat, and some funky shoes. When styling mom jeans I suggest keeping it really basic at first then building from there. I try to add modern touches so I'm not looking too retro. I love cuffing my mom jeans as well, adds texture and also allows the jeans to sit well with your choice of footwear. 

1. Hat - Aldo
2. Sunflower Tank - Lu Lu's
3. Open Knit Cardigan - Francesca's 
4. Black Jellies - Call it Spring

Look 4

                                                              Coral Blazer - $6.99 $3.99 
Blazers are another stable in my closet, I just love layering pieces. Blazers are great because they can dress up or add a different element to an outfit. I had to get this coral blazer because it screams spring and it was my actual size - a size 4. Oh and the shoulder pads are perfect because the blazer cinches in at the waist a bit. The shoulder pads aren't overbearing which creates a flattering silhouette.

Printed Blouse - $3.99 $1.99
Yup another printed blouse. This time a cobalt beauty with an interesting yellow and green print, it also has some extra fabric in the front to tie as a scarf or something. I really enjoy printed blouses because they add color and prints to an outfit...killed 2 birds with one stone, wining! 

I didn't originally plan on pairing these two pieces together but I'm glad I did. I naturally picked up these high waisted shorts because silhouettes are extremely important to me. The blazer is long and structured, and even though the waist cinches in some it wasn't enough. The blouse absolutely had to be tucked in (contrasts when layering pieces is also essential. A good rule of thumb is to always pair a short piece with a long piece and vice versa, of course there are always exceptions to the rule) so that's where the shorts come in. I finished the look with some more color with these neon sandals. 

1. High Waisted Shorts - She Inside
2. Neon Sandals - Prabal Gurung for Target
3. Multi-chain Necklace - Dress Link

Look 5

Floral Blouse/Blazer/PJ Top - $3.99 $1.99
This top from Victoria's Secret really confused me. I wasn't sure if it was a blouse/blazer or a pajama top....I'm pretty convinced it's the latter due to it's silky material and the vintage Victoria's Secret label, either way I had to have it, it's another versatile piece. I love the art of getting dressed but I can appreciate items that are multi purpose making my job just a little easier in the morning. 

I knew immediately how I wanted to style this piece - I would play with the pajama theme. I had these black and white cotton tartan pants lying around, they're sort of a thin non-stretch sweat pants material. The contrast between prints and fabrics really worked here...I'm not alway this fortunate. Yes this is a very daring outfit, but that's my style. What's style without risk?

1. Tartan Pants - Karmaloop
2. Heeled Sandals - Jeffery Campbell via Nordstrom 

And that's it folks. I really enjoyed doing this lookbook. Check out the video I did featuring these looks here. 

So tell me, what was your favorite look?

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  1. Doll, I love everything you purchased...every look was dope, i especially loved the Prints & Things because at first look that blazer had me like whoa, very 80's but you hooked that up!!! I enjoy watching your youtube videos...check out my blog when you get a chance http://runway2realworld.blogspot.com and tell me what you think! You're awesome doll....